Ipex Pump


Who are we?

About Ipex Pump

Setting out with the principle of 100% efficiency, high quality and high performance, IPEXPUMP, as the leading company in its sector, has been serving thousands of companies in the country since 2018, as well as exporting to numerous countries abroad.

We continue on our way with the strength and full points we receive from our customers. We always manufacture the highest performance diaphragm pumps of the highest quality.

In addition to air diaphragm pumps, to meet the needs of every sector in the machinery industry; It supplies gear pump, hydraulic pump, dosing pump, plastic acid pump, blower, electric motor, reducer, compressor products and spare parts.

Our Values ​​and Vision

Our Mission

Ipexpump, air and electric double diaphragm (aodd) pumps serve its customers with the latest technology by increasing efficiency while reducing energy consumption, air consumption and maintenance. As Ipexpump, it offers its customers Ipexpump special production products for use in the transfer or dosage of viscous, granular, clean, dirty liquids in spruce liquids, oil and gases, chemical processing, food and beverages, sea and water/waste water fields.

Our Vision

Ipexpump Machine & Industry aims to be the most preferred brand with high customer satisfaction in the Turkish market and abroad, with its superior workmanship, high quality and experience in problem solving. In line with this goal, Ipexpump Makine & Industry carries its place in the sector to the top with solid steps by increasing its investments and works every day.

From Yesterday to Today!



As the leading company in our sector, we started to serve thousands of companies in the country.

Domestic Success

We have achieved a long-term success in the Turkish market with our superior workmanship, high quality and problem solutions.


Our company strengthened its R&D activities and focused on developing new technologies and innovative products.


We export to 16 countries in line with our targets in every field we produce in international markets.